Publications acknowledging the MaCuMBA project:


Insights into the Physiology and Ecology of the Brackish-Water-Adapted Cyanobacterium Nodularia spumigena CCY9414 Based on a Genome-Transcriptome Analysis

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Polyclonality of Concurrent Natural Populations of Alteromonas macleodii

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Expanding the Marine Virosphere Using Metagenomics

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Carolina Megumi Mizuno, Rohit Ghai and Francisco Rodriguez-Valera

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Tales from a thousand and one phages

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Spatiotemporal changes in the genetic diversity of harmful algal blooms caused by the toxic dinoflagellate

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Development of a targeted metagenomic approach to study a genomic region involved in light harvesting in marine

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Dinomyces arenysensis gen. et sp. nov. (Rhizophydiales, Dinomycetaceae fam. nov.), a Chytrid Infecting Marine Dinoflagellates

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Brandtodinium gen. nov. and B. nutricula comb. Nov. (Dinophyceae), a dinoflagellate commonly found in symbiosis with polycystine radiolarians

Ian Probert , Raffaele Siano , Camille Poirier , Johan Decelle , Tristan Biard , Akihiro Tuji , Noritoshi Suzuki , Fabrice Not

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Genomes of Alteromonas australica, a world apart

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Marine Microorganisms as Source of Stereoselective Esterases and Ketoreductases: Kinetic Resolution of a Prostaglandin Intermediate

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Global and Phylogenetic Distribution of Quorum Sensing Signals, Acyl Homoserine Lactones, in the Family of Vibrionaceae

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Dataset for metatranscriptome analysis of Prochlorococcus-rich marine picoplankton communities in the Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea

Claudia Steglich , Damir Stazic , Steffen C. Lott , Karsten Voigt , Eyal Greengrass , Debbie Lindell , Wolfgang R. Hess

Marine Genomics, 2014


Depth dependent metatranscriptomes of the marine pico-/nanoplanktonic communities in the Gulf of Aqaba/Eilat during seasonal deep mixing

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Comparative transcriptomics of two environmentally relevant cyanobacteria reveals unexpected transcriptome diversity

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ISME Journal, 2014


Draft Genome Sequence of the Filamentous Cyanobacterium Leptolyngbya sp. Strain Heron Island J, Exhibiting Chromatic Acclimation

R. Paul , R. E. Jinkerson , K. Buss , J. Steel , R. Mohr , W. R. Hess , M. Chen , P. Fromme

Genome Announcement, 2014