SeaLife Pharma GmbH

P24 SeaLifePharma logoSeaLife Pharma® (SLP) is a privately held marine biopharmaceutical company based at the Campus Tulln/Austria. Founded 2008 SLP is focused on the discovery and development of bioactive products derived from fermented marine microorganisms. Lead structure isolation, testing and characterization in different screening and analytical platforms were then performed to isolate compounds of interest for further SAR. Therefore SLP combines broad expertise at all relevant levels from basic research to clinical development.


Contact person: Mag. Dr. Alexander Pretsch (



Role of SLP in MaCuMBA:

SLP will contribute to the work packages 2, 3 and 7. SLP will perform bioactivity screening (anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral) and toxicology examination of microbial extracts (WP7). WP2: Culturing of coral associated microbes (bacteria and fungi): SLP mimic coral mucus for the fermentation of mucus associated microbes. These microbes are coming from the SLP microbial platform. In WP3 SLP is improving culture efficacy for bioactive compound producing microbes, so that enough material for detail testing is available.


Profile of staff engaged in the project:

Alexander Pretsch

Mag. Dr. Alexander Pretsch BSc (CEO), studied marine biology, biomedicine and biotechnology with focus on microbiology and virology. He has great experience in preclinical research, product development and placement.
Christoph Wiesner Prof. Dr. Christoph Wiesner (CSO), has long-standing expertise in basic, applied and clinical research. He exceedingly has built up core competences in the development of novel cellbased and organotypic test systems for drug screening. Dr. Wiesner has an extensive publication record in cell biology, tissue engineering and oncology and participates in numerous national and international scientific networks.