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Cyano Biotech is a biotechnology company based in Berlin, Germany. It is engaged in the discovery and development of natural products as lead substances for the development of novel pharmaceuticals in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore the company is active in agrochemical, functional food, cosmetics and fine chemical research and supply. Cyano Biotech focuses on cyanobacteria as a source for novel natural products. The company was founded in 2004 as a spin-off from the Humboldt University, Berlin and currently has six employees. Cyano Biotech is market leader for analytical microcystin standards distributed directly as well as through LGC Standard and Sigma-Aldrich and collaborates with the pharmaceutical industry, e.g. Sanofi-Aventis on the discovery of lead compounds for drug development. The company maintains a large proprietary collection of more than 1000 strains of cyanobacteria, many of which have been analyzed for their potential for the production of secondary metabolites. Isolated compounds are routine tested by Cyano Biotech in cell-based assays against antibacterial, antifungal and cytotoxic targets and the chemical structures of identified bioactive compounds are elucidated. The company has a self-contained laboratory suite of approximately 250 m2 and the equipment allows for the cultivation, microbiology and molecular biology of cyanobacteria as well as for the isolation and partly for the characterization of natural products on a high technical level.


Contact person: Dr. Timo Niedermeyer (



Role of CBT in MaCuMBA:

Cyano Biotech will contribute to the industrial exploitation of the cyanobacterial strains isolated in this project. The main activities for the project MaCuMBA will comprise: (i) the isolation and taxonomic classification of the cyanobacterial strains in the marine samples, (ii) cyanobacteria cultivation optimization studies using sensor-controlled photobioreactors; (iii) strain upscaling, the strain collection and preservation of the isolated cyanobacteria, (iv) the chemical and pharmacological screening of cyanobacterial extracts, fractions, and compounds, (v) the isolation and characterization of bioactive compounds from cyanobacterial extracts.


Profile of staff engaged in the project:

Dan Kramer Dr. Dan Kramer graduated as biochemist from Humboldt University, Berlin in 1999. He was the initiator of the “Gründerlabor Biotechnologie“ of the Humboldt-University in 2001, cofounder of Cyano Biotech in 2004 and of Cyano Biofuels in 2007. He has worked with cyanobacteria for the last 10 years. In particular he is interested in the genetics of cyanobacterial natural product biosynthesis especially of non-ribosomal peptide synthesis.
Monika Swiatecka-Hagenbruch Dr. Monika Swiatecka-Hagenbruch graduated as biologist from Humboldt University Berlin in 2003 where she also received her PhD in genetics in 2009. She has been working for Cyano Biotech since October 2008 and has been involved in natural product research.
Timo Niedermeyer Dr. Timo Niedermeyer graduated as pharmacist from the Free University Berlin in 2001. In 2004 he received his PhD in pharmaceutical biology at the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University in Greifswald. For his natural product research related thesis he was awarded with the Scheele- Preis of the German Pharmaceutical Society. After working four years in the pharmaceutical industry he has been involved in the exploitation of cyanobacterial natural products at Cyano Biotech since September 2008.

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