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MicroDish BV is a biotechnology company (SME, 6 employees) founded in April of 2008 and located in Utrecht (NL). MicroDish has developed microcultivation methods for microbiology. Applications are being developed in partnership with companies and academic institutes. MicroDish also makes direct sales of miniaturized cultivation chips. The first round of investment in MicroDish was closed in 2011. The COO of Microdish, dr. Martin Hessing has founded several companies highly active on the Dutch biotechnology scene including PathoFinder and AM Pharma. The chairman of the advisory board, Prof. W. de Vos is a world-famous microbiologist has been awarded the highest prize in Dutch science, the Spinoza prize in 2008.


Contact person: Colin Ingham (c.ingham@microdish.nl)

Website: www.microdish.nl


Role of MD in MaCuMBA:

MicroDish will contribute to further development and use of a nanoporous aluminum oxide chip and associated screening methods for the isolation of novel microorganisms from the sea. MD will use microcultivation methods (both in the laboratory an in situ) to target (enrich, isolate, phenotype, sequence) previously uncultivated microorganisms. High throughput methods will be developed for the identification and screening of commercially valuable targets, particularly enzymes intended for use in white (industrial) biotechnology.

Profile of staff engaged in the project:

Colin Ingham Dr Colin Ingham trained as an academic microbiologist (PhD University College London, UK) and has a 25-year career that crosses the boundaries between academic and commercial science. Within the last 7 years work has undertaken with academic and commercial partners on micro-engineering porous aluminum oxide that culminated in the founding of Microdish BV in April 2008, with the role of CSO. 
  Dr Jurjen ter Maat trained as a chemist with a PhD in chemistry in 2011 at Wageningen University (NL) and a BSc in chemistry from Enschede University (NL). He is an expert in surface modification of materials including porous aluminum oxide and in the synthesis of nano-particles and detection reagents. 
  Dr Zalan Szabo - microbiologist with experience culturing extremophiles.
  Susie Hewlett - MSc research assistant with experience in marine cultivation.

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