Polymaris Biotechnology (Polymaris)

7 polymarisPolymaris Biotechnology is a French company specialized in biotechnology which was founded in April 2008. The company is located in Brittany and in the North of the department of Finistere, in Morlaix. At the present time, Polymaris Biotechnology consists of 4 persons: two chemists and two microbiologists. The company has 50 m2 of offices and laboratory facilities of 150 m2 equipped for microbiology, cultivation and fermentation (fermentors of 500 ml to 50 L) and chemical characterization (GC, HPLC, HPSEC, viscosimeter). Polymaris Biotechnology is developing and commercializing innovative biopolymers, and especially exopolysaccharides (EPS) produced by marine bacteria from its private collection. The know-how of Polymaris Biotechnology lies in the selection of non-genetically modified micro-organisms capable of producing and secreted exopolysaccharides, production and characterization of the EPS and also chemical modification of these EPS. The expertise of Polymaris Biotechnology allows it to make an objective initial evaluation of the EPS properties in order to target the most suitable business areas for industrial applications. Based on their structural diversity, EPS offer a wide spectrum of physico-chemical and biological properties which can be advantageously used in diverse industrial applications in various business areas (cosmetics, environment, and chemistry). Polymaris puts its skills in the service of its customers and accompanies them in the search for the unique and ideal exopolysaccharide for their activity, in the objectification of an available molecule for the launch on the market. The business model follows 3 phases: first a R&D phase consisting in a screening of bacteria, and selection of the EPS which answer the requirements/specifications and first activity tests. The second phase consists in stability and toxicity studies, delivery of few kg, formulation and patent deposition. The last phase concerns the commercialization with royalties and margin on sales.


Contact person: Bertrand Thollas (bertrand.thollas@polymaris.com)

Website: www.polymaris.com


Role of Polymaris in MaCuMBA:

Polymaris Biotechnology will be involved in the improvement of the micro-organisms culture efficiency and metabolite production. We will be involved mainly in the WP7 for the selection of non-genetically modified aerobic bacteria for their capacity or non-capacity to produce biopolymers and especially exopolysaccharides.


Profile of staff engaged in the project:

Anthony Courtois Dr.Anthony Courtois: Specialized in Glycobiology and microbiology, he has cofounded Polymaris Biotechnology in 2008. He has participated to the FP6 project BMC. He has worked on exopolysaccharides from marine bacteria for nearly 10 years. 
Bertrand Thollas Dr. Bertrand Thollas: Studied organic and analytical chemistry and specialized in glycochemistry, he has cofounded Polymaris Biotechnology in 2008. He worked on polysaccharides for nearly 10 years. 
Stephanie Gac-Breton Dr. Stephanie Gac-Breton: Studied material chemistry, she is specialized in macromolecules chemistry. She works for Polymaris Biotechnology since April 2009 as R&D Manager. 
  Jaufrey Chollet was awarded a diploma by Intechmer, he is specialized in biological engineering and marine productions. He works for Polymaris Biotechnology since December 2009 as microbiologist.

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