The MaCuMBA Marine Microbiome conference in Berlin is now fast approaching and we are really looking forward to an exciting event! An interesting aspect of the Industry Conference on the 28th of June will be the excellent networking opportunities and chance to meet your fellow participants in pre-arranged 1-to-1 meetings. To make it as easy as possible, we are using the Brella Networking tool, which has been proven to work at hundreds of events.

Brella removes the random, hit-or-miss element of event networking. With Brella, you get to browse event attendees – and can book meetings with them – before the event.

By clicking the link below and registering with Brella, you can start networking immediately. Brella is easy to use, and you don't need to download any application to use it.

Start networking at the Marine Microbiome 

Event Code: macumba2016

By registering with Brella:

- You get a list of attendees that might interest you, based on your interests
- You can browse attendees and book meetings with them in a dedicated networking area inside the event venue, before the event. This way the meetings will be efficient as you get to prepare for them in advance.
- When you have booked the meetings before the event, you don’t need to stress about finding the right people and searching for new contacts during the event.

Networking with Brella at the Marine Microbiome is entirely voluntary, but we hope you use the opportunity because it truly is worth it. Wishing you memorable networking moments!

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