Public Deliverables


Work Package 1: Project Management

D1.8 - Report on gender, societal and ethical issues of exploitation. Delivery date: July 2016

D1.9 - Website operational. Delivery date: October 2012


Work Package 2: Innovative approaches for isolating and cultering the uncultured

D2.2 - Set of protocols for sample preservation. Delivery date: July 2014

D2.5 - Protocols for isolation of microorganisms using flow cytometry. Delivery date: July 2013

D2.13 - Gradient microcosm cultivation system. Delivery date: April 2013

D2.15 - Cultivation system for deep sea sediment microorganisms. Delivery date: July 2013

D2.17 - Protocols for media and isolation extreme marine environments. Delivery date: January 2014

D2.19 - Protocols for media and isolation of bacteria by chemotaxis. Delivery date: April 2013

D2.22 - Protocols for media and isolation parasites, symbionts and epibionts. Delivery date: January 2014

D2.24 - A list of isolated microorganisms for further cultivation optimization, sequencing and screening. Delivery date: April 2015


Work Package 3: Improving culture efficiency of already isolated and cultured microorganisms

D3.1 - Protocols for optimized culture conditions for marine photoautotrophs (Eukarya and Bacteria). Delivery date: January 2015

D3.2 - Protocols for co-culturing marine micro-organismsDelivery date: July 2015

D3.3 - Improved cultivation conditions for novel groups of marine heterotrophic bacteria. Delivery date: July 2014

D3.4 - Immobilization of cells from extreme environments. Delivery date: July 2013

D3.6 - Improved cultivation approach for selected microorganisms (from WP2, or already isolated). Delivery date: January 2015

D3.7 - Definition of culturing protocols minimizings the VBNC state in DHABs isolate. Delivery date: January 2015

D3.8 - Stable synthetic community mimicking microbial matsDelivery date: January 2016

D3.10 - Optimized and standardized culture of known bioactive organisms. Delivery date: July 2015

D3.11 - Genetic algorithms to improve the culture efficiency of bacterial strains. Delivery date: July 2016


Work Package 4: Secure novel bio-resources and provide access to genetic and phenotipic information

D4.2 - List of MaCuMBA strains deposited to reference core collections. Delivery date: July 2015

D4.3 - Web sites providing searchable information on deposited MaCuMBA strains. Delivery date: July 2015

D4.4 - Long term preservation protocols for specific groupsDelivery date: July 2016

Work Package 5: Cell to cell communication in community cultures, isolation and cultivation

D5.1 - Profile of AHL based quorum sensing molecules in the marine environment. Delivery date: March 2013

D5.2 - Profile of alkyl quinolone molecules in the marine environment. Delivery date: July 2013

D5.3 - Profile of signaling molecules in marine interacomes. Delivery date: July 2015

D5.4 - Assessment of improved cultured efficiency by the addition of AHLs and exudates. Delivery date: July 2014

D5.5 - Assessment of improved culture efficiency by using a living marine microbiota. Delivery date: July 2014

D5.6 - Assessment of biotic/abiotic factors on expression of bioactive biosynthetic genes. Delivery date: July 2015

D5.7 - Characterisation of cell to cell signalling pathway in marine isolatesDelivery date: July 2016

D5.8 - Identification of improved culture conditions by modulating signal productionDelivery date: July 2016

Work Package 6: Sequencing, genomic and metagenomic libraries and (meta)genome analyses

D6.7 - Model of pure culture derived from sequence information for relevant selected microbes. Delivery date: July 2014

D6.8 - Genome and metagenome datasets from all the samples and microbes analyzed. Delivery date: July 2015

D6.9 - Transcriptome and metatranscriptome datasets for all relevant conditions. Delivery date: July 2015

D6.10 - Analysis of the datasets to provide a better understanding of different microbial marine communities. Delivery date: July 2015

Work Package 7: Screening for industrial targets from cultured marine microorganisms

D7.13 - Database of cultivable microorganisms capable of natural transformation. Delivery date: July 2015

D7.14 - Procedures allowing competency (transformation) of marine bioactive heterotrophic bacteria. Delivery date: July 2016

Work Package 8: Development of hardware and equipment for high throughput isolation, cultivation and screening

D8.1 - Automated system for isolation of single micro-organisms and their delivery into microbioreactors. Delivery date: July 2014

D8.2 - Colony-picking robotics for cyanobacteria. Delivery date: July 2013

D8.3 - Robotic pipetting system for cell inoculationDelivery date: July 2013

D8.4 - Adaptation of Microdish chip for in situ cultivation. Delivery date: July 2013

Work Package 9: Dissemination, knowledge management and linkages<>

D9.1 - Project branding (logo)  pdf iconDelivery date: July 2012

D9.3 - Project factsheet  pdf iconDelivery date: October 2012

D9.4 - Project newsletter-m3  pdf iconDelivery date: December 2012

D9.5 - Project newsletter-m6  pdf iconDelivery date: May 2013

D9.6 - Project newsletter-m9  pdf iconDelivery date: July 2013

D9.7 - Project newsletter-m12  pdf iconDelivery date: September 2013

D9.8 - Project newsletter-m15  pdf iconDelivery date: November 2015

D9.9 - Project newsletter-m18  pdf iconDelivery date: February 2014

D9.10 - Project newsletter-m21 pdf iconDelivery date: April 2014

D9.11 - Project newsletter-m24 pdf iconDelivery date: July 2014

D9.12 - Project newsletter-m27.pdf icon Delivery date: October 2014

D9.13 - Project newsletter-m30.pdf icon Delivery date: January 2015

D9.14 - Project newsletter-m33. pdf icon Delivery date: April 2015

D9.15 - Project newsletter-m36pdf iconDelivery date: July 2015

D9.16 - Project newsletter-m39pdf iconDelivery date: October 2015

D9.17 - Project newsletter-m42pdf iconDelivery date: January 2016

D9.18 - Project newsletter-m45. pdf iconDelivery date: April 2016

D9.19 - Project newsletter-m48pdf iconDelivery date: July 2016

D9.21 - Press release-1  pdf iconDelivery date:November 2012

D9.22 - Press release-2  pdf iconDelivery date: January 2014

D9.23 - Press release-3 pdf iconDelivery date: March 2014

D9.24 - Press release-4 pdf icon Delivery date: July 2015

D9.25 - Press release-5 pdf icon Delivery date: July 2016

D9.26 - Other promotional material (ppt template, etc) pdf iconDelivery date: October 2012

D9.27 - Stakeholder databaseDelivery date: October 2012

D9.30 - NIOZ Summer school on improved culture efficiencies of marine micro-organismsDelivery date: September 2015

D9.31 - Uptake of MaCuMBA Knowledge Outputs in the EurOcean Knowledge Gatepdf icon Delivery date: July 2016

D9.32 - International industry seminar-1.pdf icon Delivery date: June 2014

D9.33 - International industry seminar-2. Delivery date: June 2015

D9.34 - International industry seminar-3Delivery date: June 2016

D9.35 - Scientific and technical papers and publications and conference proceedingsDelivery date: July 2016

D9.36 - Two (or three) short moviesDelivery date: July 2016

D9.37 - MaCuMBA legacy brochurepdf icon Delivery date: July 2016


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