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The Marine Microbiome - Discovery & Innovation

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Panel Discussion Videos


Two panel discussions took place on two different topics related to the marine microbiome. Five high profile panel members discussed the topic with each other by asking questions or reacting to the views and opinions of the other members on issues in relation to the marine microbiome. Audience participation was encouraged.


Panel Discussion 1: Future use of marine microbial diversity - challenges and solutions

This panel discussed the problems and solutions with regard to intellectual property rights and the implementation of the Nagoya protocol in Europe and globally with a focus on its application in relation to the use of marine microbial diversity. The legal restrictions which scientists increasingly face in the course of their work investigating marine microorganisms, their ecology and potential biotechnological use may hinder timely developments and innovation in the field. Collaboration between the academic world and that of industry is crucial to paving new avenues for the development of novel, innovative products and bringing these to market. However, despite the efforts of the EU to achieve more efficient collaborations there is still considerable progress to be made.

Moderator: Dr. Jerry Reen (University College Cork, Ireland)


1. Prof. dr Marcel Jaspars (Coordinator of the PharmaSea project and Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland)
2. Prof. dr Lene Lange (Professor BioProcess Engineering, DTU Chemical Engineering, Lyngby, Denmark)
3. Prof. dr Jorg Overmann (DSMZ, Germany)
4. Prof. dr Himadri Pakrasi (Director of I-CARES and Professor of Renewable Energy and Sustainability, Washington University, St. Louis, USA)
5. Prof. dr Karl-Erich Jaeger (Institute of Molecular Enzyme Technology, Heinrich-Heine-University Dusseldorf & Institute of Bio- and Geosciences (IBG 1) Biotechnology Research Centre Juelich, Germany)


MaCuMBA Marine Microbiome Panel Discussion 1 (part I) from AquaTT on Vimeo.

MaCuMBA Marine Microbiome Panel Discussion 1 (part II) from AquaTT on Vimeo.



Panel Discussion 2: The ocean - a treasure chest for future applications?

This panel discussed the potential of microorganisms in the ocean to provide new products and services of benefit to human society. What do we expect to find and where (extreme environments, deep sea, symbiosis, or ‘just in the water’)? How do we move from discovery and bridge the gap to the market? Challenges in this area will be discussed such as difficulties in securing the investment required to determine if a compound is a viable candidate for (clinical) development.

Moderator: Dr Amber Hartman Scholz (Leibniz-Institute DSMZ, Germany)


1. Prof. dr Corina Brussaard (Professor Viral Ecology, University of Amsterdam and Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, The Netherlands)
2. Dr Guy Carter (Specialty: Natural products-based drug discovery CarterBernan Consulting, New City, USA)
3. Prof. dr Donatella de Pascale (Professor Protein Biochemistry, NRC, Naples, Italy)
4. Dr Carmen Schleissner (Researcher Pharma Mar SA, Colemenar Viejo, Madrid, Spain)
5. Dr Thorsten Schwecke (Cyano Biotech GmbH, Berlin, Germany)


MaCuMBA Marine Microbiome Panel Discussion 2 (part I) from AquaTT on Vimeo.

MaCuMBA Marine Microbiome Panel Discussion 2 (part II) from AquaTT on Vimeo.

MaCuMBA Marine Microbiome Panel Discussion 2 (part III) from AquaTT on Vimeo.



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