Knowledge Outputs

Knowledge Outputs

Deliverable D9.31. Uptake of MaCuMBA Knowledge Outputs in the EurOcean Knowledge Gate

The efficient uptake of MaCuMBA results by end-users depends on the effective management and transfer of knowledge and technology from the MaCuMBA community to other stakeholders including research, industry, policy, education and society in general. MaCuMBA employed a Knowledge Management and Transfer Methodology (KMTM) to facilitate the exploitation of its final outputs. The KMTM was based on a tried and tested Knowledge Management methodology developed by MaCuMBA partner AquaTT (P9) which focuses on Knowledge Outputs (KOs), units of knowledge that have been generated out of a scientific project.

It was decided to make all public MaCuMBA KOs publicly available through means of the EurOcean Marine Knowledge Gate, available at The Marine Knowledge Gate is an innovative tool which provides an inventory of European and national funded Marine Science and Technology projects and their KOs. The inventory possesses an advance search functionality, is regularly updated and is free of use.

All MaCuMBA public outputs are publicly and freely available to any end user interested in the results, ensuring impact of the project far beyond the end of the project.