The Marine Microbiome Book now available!

“The Marine Microbiome: An Untapped Source of Biodiversity and Biotechnological Potential” has now been published by Springer and was available onsite at the Marine Microbiome- Discovery & Innovation event. Edited by Lucas J. Stal and Mariana Silvia Cretoiu, the book features contributions from a host of MaCuMBA researchers and partners. This timely book describes the state-of-the-art concerning the ‘marine microbiome’ and its uses in biotechnology.

The first part discusses the diversity and ecology of marine microorganisms and viruses, including all three domains of life: Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukarya. It discusses whether marine microorganisms exist and, if so, why they might be unique. The second part presents selected marine habitats, their inhabitants and how they influence biogeochemical cycles, while the third discusses the utilization of marine microbial resources, including legal aspects, dissemination, and public awareness.

It is available to purchase in an online format at the following link: